Waylo is a hotel booking platform with unique discounts powered by our proprietary hotel price prediction algorithm

Where is Waylo located?

Waylo is registered in the US and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, but has offices around the world.

Why does Waylo exist?

More than 7,000,000 hotel rooms go empty everyday. That's millions of vacations and business trips not taken.

Waylo's goal is to predict these empty rooms in advance and entice more people, with exclusive discounts, to travel and fill up these empty rooms.

While other sites try to solve this problem at the last moment, on the day of check-in, Waylo's machine learning based predictions enable us to pass on these discounts months before check-in and enable even those without last minute flexibility to travel.

What social impact will Waylo have?

We believe Waylo will encourage more people to travel and have unique experiences.

The power of travel is understated. It leads to a healthier mind, a healthier body which are pillars of society with a higher emotional quotient (EQ) and empathy.

Waylo can have the impact by reducing waste of empty hotel rooms.

Who are behind Waylo?

Waylo is the brainchild of Angik Sarkar

Angik travels over 100,000 miles every year. He found that travel booking is quick when you don't have to bother about the cost.

However, if you are trying to find deals, it can take hours, if not days. Angik decided to leave a cushy software engineering job and launched Waylo to make sure that a constrained budget did not stop people from traveling.

Waylo is backed by the well known investors like the founder of LastMinute Travel and early investors of Coinbase.

As of Aug 2019, Waylo has a team of 27. We power millions of dollars in hotel bookings for hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

How does Waylo work?

Waylo's key differentiation is our price prediction algorithm that allows us to predict with a high degree of confidence if a hotel price will drop in the future. This enables Waylo to get you discounts no one else can.

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